TheLinkbox Dashboard

IRLP EXP0092 & *MICH-EXP* EchoLink Conference

Connected Nodes:

1. stn0087IRLP 0u
2. K8LRC-A 1

Uptime: 16 hours and 15 minutes
Tx packets: 354, 1.38 Mbytes
Rx packets: 160, 6.46 Mbytes
Connections: 5
Users: 2 of 100 Max
Bandwidth Tx: 0 Kbps, Rx: 0 Kbps
Peak users: 4,  4/15 21:46
Peak Tx bandwidth: 33 Kbps @  4/15 21:48
Peak Rx bandwidth: 6 Kbps @  4/15 21:49

Stations that are Muted:

No stations are currently muted.


IRLP Experimental Reflector Page

See Who's Connected on Allstar Hub 41001

IRLP EXP0092 Policy

Make sure you have the following statement in the environment file of your IRLP node computer.

The meaning of the connected node's attribute characters are as follows:

Alogged in as an administrator.
Ba linked thelinkbox conference.
Ca linked conference other than thelinkbox.
cchat text suppressed
Fplaying a file (using the .play or .test commands).
fFull duplex connection
Maudio and text are muted.
maudio is muted.
Pa permanent connection (connected by a .connect command).
Rreceive only (monitored).
Slogged in as a sysop.
Tcurrently Talking.
xnot currently active in the conference.
*using Asterisk protocol.
0using Speak Freely protocol.
1using RTP protocol.
!an old version of theBridge which sent SDES packets containing a private "txt" extension field.